Emergency Food Pantry

Volunteer assist in food distribution in the Food Bank of Greenwood County’s Golden Harvest program.

Each year in the United States, grocery stores dispose of more than 1.3 billion pounds of food.  What if some of that food could be “saved” and used to help those who are in need of food?

That’s the purpose behind the “Retail Rescue” program.  The Food Bank of Greenwood County partners with local grocery stores to rescue the tons of food that these stores would potentially discard each year.

The food received through this “retail rescue” is distributed on each Tuesday and Wednesday at the Food Bank of Greenwood County.  The food is distributed from 10 AM until 1 PM and the doors for the Food Bank open at 9 AM.  In addition, the food is used as a part of our quarterly Mobile Sites on Mondays (10 AM until 1 PM, locations rotate).

Depending upon availability, participants in this program can receive meat, milk, eggs, bread, pastries, dry goods and canned goods.  There is no guarantee on what will be available on a particular day.

Participants in this program must qualify by meeting the income level requirements.  In addition, participants must have a picture ID and must be able to show proof of household size.

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