Greatest Food Needs

Together we can build a hunger-free community. Make an immediate impact today.

  • Canned tuna, chicken or salmon
  • Peanut butter and Jelly
  • Meals in a can (chunky soups, stew, chili)
  • Canned fruit in its own juice or water
  • Canned foods with pop-top lids
  • Dried beans (pinto, blackeyed, kidney, lima, etc.)
  • Pasta (please include whole grain)
  • Rice (brown, white, yellow)
  • Low-sugar whole grain cereals
  • Grits and Oatmeal (bag or box)
  • Healthy snacks (granola bars, nuts, dried fruit)
  • Bottled water and fruit drinks

Please avoid items packed in glass.

We request that you do not donate bulk quantities of rice, flour, or sugar (over 5 lbs.). Although we appreciate and can utilize every donation we receive, the Food Bank does not have the repackaging facilities needed to properly label and distribute such items. 

Donations of food may be dropped off Monday – Thursday, 9am – 1pm or Friday 9am – 12 noon. If you would like to schedule a donation pickup from your organization’s  or business’ food drive, please email Courtney at

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