Thank You D50 Students

Each and every year, the students of Greenwood School District 50 go above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of others. When many students across the country were planning their summer vacations, D50 students were conducting the largest food drive of all time! Aware that food donations are historically low during theContinue reading “Thank You D50 Students”

Ways to give to the Food Bank of Greenwood County

The Food Bank of Greenwood County greatly appreciates the amazing contributions of our friends, volunteers and partners in our mission of addressing food insecurity in Greenwood County. If you would like to be involved with the Food Bank of Greenwood County, here are some ways: Volunteer.  Our volunteers help us to meet the needs ofContinue reading “Ways to give to the Food Bank of Greenwood County”

Sowing Seeds for a healthier you

Are you living on a fixed income?  Is your car in the shop?  Having issues affording groceries because of expected bills and emergencies? Then, Sowing Seeds is the perfect program for you.  This effort of the Food Bank of Greenwood County is dedicated to help get you through those hard times. What’s even better isContinue reading “Sowing Seeds for a healthier you”