Thank You D50 Students

Each and every year, the students of Greenwood School District 50 go above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of others. When many students across the country were planning their summer vacations, D50 students were conducting the largest food drive of all time! Aware that food donations are historically low during the summer months, D50 students ensured our oganization had enough food to feed those in need Greenwood County. Because of your generosity, we had more than enough to feed everyone this summer! You ROCK!!!

Participating Schools

Brewer Middle School – 333 lbs.

Early Childhood Education Center – 309 lbs.

Emerald High School – 803 lbs.

Greenwood High School – 536 lbs.

Lakeview Elementary School – 993 lbs.

Pinecrest & Mathews Elementary Schools – 117 lbs.

Rice Elementary School – 2,251 lbs.

Springfield Elementary School – 405 lbs.

Total donated – 5,747 lbs. of food!


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