food-bank-logoThe Food Bank of Greenwood County seeks to address food insecurity in Greenwood County.  So then, what is “food insecurity?”

Food insecurity exists when a person does not have reliable access to nutritious and healthy food.  Many in our county face the prospect of food insecurity.

Consider some of these situations:

  • A senior citizen is faced with a choice between spending money on life-saving medicine or life-sustaining food.
  • A child goes for days without a nourishing meal.
  • A family loses its chief source of income and is now faced with having more bills than money.
  • A person encounters an unexpected expense — a medical bill, a car-repair expense, the roof needs to be fixed — and there is not enough left to buy food.

In fact, statistics point to nearly one in five homes as experiencing food insecurity in the past year.

What if it were your parents, your grandparents, your children?  Would you lend a helping hand?

The Food Bank of Greenwood County exists so that we can be that helping hand.  And, we would love to partner with you to address the need in our county.